Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Garden Birds and Flowers

Tuesday 14th June
   Today has been a warm sunny day with the temperature reaching up to
18°C. There are more plants coming into flower including Geranium,Alchemilla
Mollis,Nigella and Flag Iris. My veg patch has some Onions doing very well, Spring
Onions developing well and Beetroot,Lettuce and Raddish seedlings coming through.
Today I planted some Carrots, there is also a Sunflower here which I hope will grow
tall. Our resident Song Thrush is still singing loudly early morning and late evening,
although it did have some competition from a Chaffinch. There have also been a few
Jackdaws about one briefly landing on the bird feeder.
My Veg Patch

Geranium,Alchemilla Mollis,Nigella and Flag Iris

Song Thrush and Chaffinch

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