Sunday, 26 June 2011

Redcar Tarn and St Ives

Sunday 26th June a.m.
 The day started bright and sunny with a temperature of 20°C, not the best
for birding as we're finding out,but still good to get out into the fresh air for
a walk round Radcar Tarn. Visibility in the sky was good giving a good view
of Ovenden windfarm,Queensbury and Soil Hill. On the water we saw the
expected species with a couple of Jackdaws on the bank.A couple of Lapwings
were in the nearby field.
30 - Mallards
12 - Tufted duck
8 - Coot plus chicks
4 - Moorhen
9 - BH Gull
2 - Lapwing
2 - Canadas with 4 chicks
 We then went to St. Ives which was much the same, there was no food at the hide
feeding station so again quiet after our recent good sightings here.
63 - Canadas
40 - Mallards
10 - Coot plus chicks
6 - Moorhen plus chicks
Redcar Tarn Keighley

Soil Hill from Redcar Tarn

Mallard with chicks



St Ives Coppice Pond

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