Sunday, 12 June 2011

Old Moor Nature Reserve

Sunday 12th June a.m.
    This morning started bight and sunny with a temperature of 12°C, but as
the morning pogressed the skies clouded over and by lunch time rain set in
for the rest of the day. We visited Old Moor Nature Reserve near Barnsley
which is run by the RSPB, the main population of birds on this site was
Black Headed Gulls. There were several hundred of these, some of the
Juvenile BH Gulls looking very similar to some wading birds. There was
also 100 plus Canadas many having chicks. Other water & wading birds we
recognised were Mute Swan,Greylag Goose,Mallards,Tufted Ducks,Pintail,
Grey Heron,Oystercatcher,Lapwing,Great Crested Grebe,Little Grebe,Avocet,
Redshank,Ringed Plover,Moorhen and Coot. In addition flying around over the
water were Swifts and Sand Martins these could also be seen entering a nesting
site built for them. Other people had seen a Black necked Grebe this is one of
many that we probably missed. We also saw many birds at the feeding station
which I will post later.

Old Moor, Canadas



Great Crested Grebe

Little Grebe


Black Headed Gull Juvenile

Ringed Plover


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