Sunday, 19 June 2011

Local Walk

Sunday 19th June a.m.
    This morning is cool and damp with drizzle or light rain falling the temperature
is about 9°C, so just a short walk with our dog to Hallas Bridge. Around here we
saw two or three Wrens near the bottom of a tree they seemed a little agitated. We
have not seen much of this common bird as they tend to keep out of sight, we got a
snap although not a good one, then through the tree we saw why the Wrens were on
the move a Jay had appeared! After watching a Jay take a Wren chick from its nest
on Springwatch they had good reason to keep out of its way. On the way home we saw
another Jay in a nearby field,3 House Sparrows,2 Swallowes and a Chaffinch.
   In the garden the Foxgloves are flowering well and our Kalmia shrub is just starting
to flower.

Jay upsetting the Wrens

Jay in nearby field


Kalmia Shrub


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