Saturday, 4 June 2011

Ogden Water

Saturday 4th June a.m.
  This morning started bright and sunny with the temperature when we set off to Ogden
Water 15°C. We walked along the side of the reservoir seeing 9 Canadas on the water
with one chick,there was also a Willow Warbler singing loudly and showing for a snap.
We walked up to the Giants Tooth seeing a couple of Meadow Pipits and 3 Swifts as
we came out of the woodland.We then walked back down into the woodland hearing
a Cuckoo singing loudly and catching a brief glimse as it flew past us.By now it had
clouded over and a breeze began to blow and the temperature reduced to 13°C as we
went back down to the reservoir. There were a number of Mallards round the edge and
more in the Duck feeding area two with chicks,40 Mallards in total, the Canadas were also
now in this area with their chick giving us the chance for some good snaps.
  When we got home it was good to see the Peonys in the garden in flower along with the
Snow in Summer.
Willow Warbler 1A

Willow Warbler 1B

Canada Geese with chick 

Canadas with chick

Canada chick


Snow in Summer

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  1. Looks like the Pink Footed goose has moved on.