Saturday, 11 June 2011

Local Countryside Walk

Saturday 11th June a.m.
    Today strarted bright and sunny although chilly at around 6°C, the temperature
quickly got up to 12°C later in the morning. We went for a walk around the local
countryside and stopped to get a picture of the House Martins we have seen a
number of times. Like Swifts this is not easy to do as they fly quickly and quite
high, however we were fortunate to spot one of their nests which meant we could
get a quick snap. The nest was built under the eves of a house from mud, the
nesting bird seemed well protected from preditors here.
   We moved on over Hewenden Viaduct where there were around 30 Swifts, we also saw
about 15 Swallows and a group of 3 Rabbits nearby. As we walked nearer the Reservoir
we coud see 4 Canadas and 6 Mallards near the far bank. There was a Mute Swan on the
water and a Grey Heron perched for a while on something in the water. As we walked
under the Viaduct we saw Ragged Robin a good country plant flowering well. We also
caught sight of two Oystercatches on the Reservoir wall.
   We walked through woodland hoping to here or even see a Cuckoo,but there was no sign,
wecarried on heading towards Wilsden seeing a hen Pheasent and Little Owl perched on
a wall this flew off whe mobbed by a couple of Swallowes. Our final sighting was a
Goldfinch showing well for a snap, we saw quite a few of these.
House Martin




Grey Heron


Ragged Robin

Hen Pheasent

Little Owl


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