Friday, 15 July 2011

Countryside Walk

Friday 15th July a.m.
  Took an early morning walk through the countryside surrounding Cullingworth, it
was a mild overcast start to the day which soon brightened up, temperature 12°C.
The first sighting was a Pheasant and a Grey Heron near Hewenden Reservoir,there
were around 30 Swifts near the viaduct. Amongst these flew a bigger brown coloured
bird at speed which for my best guess was an Owl, the picture taken didn't help. There
were a few Swallows flying about at the other side of the viaduct. Then through the
woodland a fox appeared along with some Warblers which would not wait for a snap
taking. On the way back into the village there were a few Wrens.


Grey Heron


Maybe an Owl?


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