Friday, 15 July 2011

Redcar Tarn evening visit

Friday 15th July p.m.
  It has been a bright sunny day with the temperature reaching up to 21°C. During
the evening it clouded over with rain looming, fortunately it stayed fine during our
visit to Redcar Tarn high above Keighley. We were keen to see if we could get a
closer look at the Tufted Duck chicks, my sister tagged along wanting to feed the
Ducks. Happily the female Tufted Duck was a proud mum showing off her chicks
and so we got a close look at them with some good snaps. Any other birds getting
too close to her chicks were quickly seen off. Otherwise there were the usual birds
about, the Mallards seem to have new broods of chicks daily there number must
be around 100 including the chicks. There were around 50 BH Gulls and 20 or so
Swifts.We spotted a Moorhen chick for the first time at this location and a Rook on
a fence post. A large flock of birds were in the distance, maybe 300 birds probably
Tufted Duck with three chicks

Tufted Duck with chicks

Redcar Tarn


Coot Chicks


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