Saturday, 9 July 2011

Ogden and Fly Flatts

Saturday 9th July a.m.
  This morning started cloudy with some sunny intervals and a temperature of 12°C.
We went to Ogden water and first saw a couple of Grey Herons in the trees on the
far side of the reservoir. We were also pleased to see two Redshanks at the top end
of the reservoir after seeing these spotted on other blogs. Also at this end were
9 BH Gulls and 12 Canadas on the bank of the reservoir. There were the usual
scattering of Mallards all round the water and a large gathering near the feeding area,
about 80 in total.
  We then went to Fly Flatts where the water is still low and attracting waders and
other birds onto the mud and stones at the boathouse end of the water. There were
a couple of Common Sandpipers, Medow Pipits and Twite. There was also a Little
Ringed Plover which we were lucky to get a snap of. Down at the feeding station area
there were 5 Twite. The conditions this morning were good sunshine with just a light
shower and the temperature about 14°C, but it was still very difficult to see the
waders amongst the stones and regularly moving as you think you've lined up a snap
of them. So hats off to all the birders who regularly come here in alot worse
conditions and spot the different waders and get good snaps of them.
  As we made our way back up the track we caught site of a Kestel hovering in the
distance. Driving to the other end of the reservoir we spotted around 40 Canadas on
the water, we decided against walking down to check for waders I was tired by now.
What do they say fortune favours the brave, maybe another time.


Fly Flatts

Little Ringed Plover


Fly Flatts Birds


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  1. Good photos Danny/Nigel, you did well to get the LRP and the juv Wheatear.
    Nice Twite too.