Thursday, 14 July 2011

Redcar Tarn evening visit

Wednesday 13th July p.m.
   Another evening with warm sunshine and the temperature at 16°C at Redcar Tarn.
There were a large number of Black headed Gulls over the water when we arrived
these later gathered in a nearby field. There were some people trying out there model
power boats which were noisey and caused some disturbance to the Ducks and Geese.
We also spotted Pied Wagtails, some of these were juveniles,Swifts, otherwise there
were the usual species. At last we saw a female Tufted Duck with chicks we saw
three which were already doing some diving. Hopefully there will be some more as
the summer continues.

c100 - BH Gull
c40 - Mallards plus chicks
10 - Tufted Duck plus 3 chicks
12 - Coot plus chicks
3 - Moorhen
2 - Canadas with 4 juv
6 - Pied Wagtail including juv
4- Swift

BH Gulls

Pied Wagtail juv.

Tufted Duck with chicks amid the Mallards

Tufted Duck with chicks

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