Friday, 1 July 2011

Local Walk and Garden Visitors

Friday 1st July
  This morning started bright and sunny with an early morning temperature
of 8°C which increased to 17°C this afternoon. The first sighting of the day
was a Blackbird with a white head, something a bit different I suppose. Later
on the walk I got a snap of a Greenfinch with the light shining on it for a change.
   Back in the garden I got snaps of a Jackdaw on the fence a Chaffinch on the
feeder and was pleased to see the return of the Great Spotted Woodpecker.
  It now being summer the Rose bushes are flowering well so I took a couple
of snaps the yellow one has a wonderful perfume scent.
Blackbird with white head




Great Spotted Woodpecker

Standard Rose

Yellow Scented Rose

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