Sunday, 31 July 2011

Yeadon Tarn

Sunday 31st July a.m.
  Another bright sunny start the temperature was 14°C when we reached Yeadon
Tarn. Walking round there were people fishing and a few model boats on the
water. There were a family of Moorhens with 6 chicks and a couple of older ones
which were probably from a first brood in spring. There were the other expected
Mallards and Canadas with House Martins flying above. There was of course planes
taking off and landing regularly at the close by airport.
c250 - Mallards
39 - Canadas
15 - House Martins
12 - Coot
7 - Moorhen plus chicks
plus other species
Yeadon Tarn

Canada Geese and Mallards



Moorhen Chick

Moorhen with chicks

Plane coming in to land

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