Friday, 12 August 2011

Frampton Marsh

Tuesday 9th August a.m.
  We have been on holiday this week to the East coast in Lincolnshire, while we were
there we visited a couple of fairly close RSPB Nature Reserves. The first one we went
to was Frampton Marsh south of Boston, the weather was dry and sunny with a strong
breeze blowing, the temperature was about 14°C. The first bird we saw here was a
Little Owl perched on a Kestrel bird box, we saw many other birds although they
were often along way from the hides making it difficult to ID some of them or get a
good snap. We did see a Ruff for the first time and were surprised to see Little Egrets
out numbering the Grey Heron.
c50 - Mallards                                               2 - Greylag Geese
c50 - Sand Martin                                         3 - Goldfinch
c75 - Canadas                                               1 - Tufted Duck with chicks
c 50 - Lapwing                                              1 - Greenfinch
c50 - Linnet                                                   1 - Little Owl
c50 - Starling                                                 1 - Meadow Pipit
25 - Coot                                                      1 - RUFF
20 - Swallow
16 - Black-tailed Godwit
15 - Little Egret
12 - Grey Heron
10 - Mute Swan
10 - Tree Sparrow
6 - Oystercatcher


Sand Martins

Black-tailed Godwit
Little Egret
Little Egret & Grey Heron

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