Saturday, 13 August 2011

Trip to Lightwater Valley

Saturday 13th August
  Today we went on a day out at Lightwater Valley which is to the North of Ripon.
I had a good day going with my sister on the many rides, my favorite was the Eagles
Claw ride, of course I kept an eye out for the birds and noted c30 House Martins.
These had a row of about 20 nests under the overhang of one of the buildings.
  Also here they have a birds of prey center which was a good chance for me to see
the birds up close. They had many Owls including Barn,Tawny,Snowy,Little and the
really big Eagle Owl. Other birds included Golden Eagle, Harris Hawk and Goshawk.
Eagles Claw Ride

Barn Owl

Tawny Owl

Little Owl

Snowy Owl

Eagle Owl

Eagle Owl


Golden Eagle

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  1. Good photos there Danny, if Id been on the Eagles Claw Id need a bucket , not a camera