Monday, 1 August 2011

Ogden Reservoir

Monday 1st August p.m.
 We went to Ogden Reservoir this afternoon where it was overcast but very close
with a temperature of 21°C. There were c150 BH Gulls,the usual Mallards and
8 LBB Gulls not sure if we saw the Yellow-legged Gull with them. We also saw
a Robin, and two Tufted Ducks on the water.
  Back at home in the garden the Clematis is flowering well,as is the Erigeron and I
harvested some more Radish,Spring Onion and Lettuce from my veg patch for our
Ogden Reservoir with plenty shore line

Ogden Gulls

Tufted Duck

Hope this is the Yellow-Legged Gull 



Radish and Spring Onion

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  1. Got the Yellow Legged in one Daniel, well done