Saturday, 13 August 2011

Freiston Shore

Tuesday 9th August p.m.
  We also went to Freiston Shore another RSPB Nature Reserve whilst on holiday, this is
located North of Boston on the East coast. This reserve is on the Wash shoreline and is
affected by high tides as birds get pushed up onto the reserve from the salt marshes.
The weather was warm and sunny with a temperature of 18°C, we saw a number of birds
here but again the distance away made ID difficult and only long range snaps. There was
a small flock of Common Terns with some chicks, the Terns flying regularly to the sea to
get food. As we walked round we also caught sight of several blue butterflies which we
think were Common Blue.
c100 - Canadas
c25 - Mallard
c20 - Common Tern plus chicks
c20 - Lapwing
c15 - Goldfinch
12 - Oystercatcher
8 - Swallow
6 - BH Gull
3 - Little Egret
2 - Moorhen
1 - Herring Gull

Little Egret

Common Tern

Herring Gull

Common Blue

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