Sunday, 14 August 2011

Redcar Tarn

Sunday 14th August a.m.
  Back to Redcar Tarn this morning, sunny intervals with a temperature of 14°C.
Plenty birds to see with good numbers of BH Gull and Lapwings some of which
came off the island near to the car park for their photo taking, which was good of them.
Only saw three Tufted Ducks which were all down to a solitary chick each not sure
whats happening to all the other chicks.
c100 - Mallards
c100 - BH Gull
c50 - Lapwing
c30 - Coot
10 - Canadas
3 - Tufted Duck plus chicks
3 - Moorhen
1 - LBB Gull
plus a mixture of common geese and hybed Ducks.
Lapwing 1

Lapwing 2

LBB and BH Gulls

Coot with chicks

Tufted Duck with chick

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