Monday, 29 August 2011

Hallas Bridge and Goitstock Woods

Monday 29th August a.m.
  A bright sunny morning with a temperature of 10°C, we headed for Hallas Bridge,
all seemed quiet just seeing two Pied Wagtail and five Swallows flying low over the
fields. At Hallas Bridge we saw a Mistle Thrush, we had a good look round at the
bridge,you never know we might just spot a kingfisher,but no not today,but our
luck was still in when we saw a Dipper. This bird stayed for a long time so we got
some good snaps and a good view of it. We carried on out of the woods on to
Bents Lane where we saw more Swallows and a flock of c12 Mistle Thrushes
and a distant Kestrel. Back through the wood and out into the fields, we crossed
Cow House Beck where we saw four Grey Wagtails. Near here we saw a
Sparrow Hawk which went into a tree full of birds namely Long-tailed and Blue
Tits. They stayed put and waited for the Sparrow Hawk to fly off then the all came
towards us giving us a good view of the Long-tailed Tits. Further on we saw a Grey
Heron fly over, a Willow Warbler and as we came home along Halifax Road more
Swallows on an overhead line,Goldfinches and  a flock of House Martins feeding
above the trees.
c40 - Swallows
c40 - House Martins
13 - Mistle Thrush
10 - Long-tailed Tits
6 - Goldfinch
4 - Grey Wagtail
2 - Pied Wagtail
1 - Dipper
1 - Kestrel
1 - Grey Heron
1 - Sparrow Hawk
plus other common species

Mistle Thrush

Grey Wagtail

Grey Heron


Kestrel,Long-tailed Tit,Goldfinch and Dipper

Spot the birds in this tree

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