Saturday, 29 June 2013

Garden Visitors

Saturday June 29th a.m.
 A dull start to the day with a strong wind blowing & a temperature of 11°C.Looking out
at the garden feeders this morning there was a Greenfinch on one feeder but the other was empty
of the usual Sunflower hearts so I decided to fill it up.Then a Jay landed on top of the feeder but
only briefly so no time for a snap.I filled the water bowl & brought the feeder in to fill up.When
it was full I got as far as the door to return it & saw a GSW on the peanut feeder so I rushed &
told my dad who got some snaps of it through the window as it enjoyed the peanuts before flying
off.I returned the now full feeder seeing House Martins flying above the garden some coming
quite low.I returned into the house to watch more birds including Chaffinch,blackbird,Great Tit
& Collared Dove.
male Great Spotted Woodpecker

GSW enjoying the peanuts

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  1. Great shots there, just when I thought my garden was doing well.