Sunday, 2 June 2013

Park Dam

Sunday June 2nd a.m.
We moved down the road from Harold Park to Park Dam with the sun warming things up
to 12°C.Again good numbers of Swift over the water a few Canadas some having chicks which
looked to be in the gardens of the houses on the far side of the water.We saw two Great Crested
Grebes who treated us to some of their courtship dance.There was several Coots one pair had
7 chicks, their nest was surrounded by plants in the water & under here were a number of large fish
spawning.We showed them to a local fisherman who told us they were Common Bream, there were
also Mallards one female had 5 chicks & another had 3.We Spotted some Tufted Ducks then on the
far side was a pair of Mute Swans with 6 Cygnets. We hung around & waited for them to make
their way across to us as a couple of ladies were feeding the ducks.This gave us some close views of
them & the chance for some snaps. The Coots began to get aggressive with each other & a fight broke
out which is common as they protect their territory.
Gt Crested Grebe

Courtship Display

Common Bream

Coot territorial dispute

Coot chicks


Mute Swan with 6 Cygnets

Park Dam

Great Crested Grebe

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