Sunday, 9 June 2013

Redcar Tarn

Sunday June 9th a.m.
 We went up to Redcar Tarn where on arrival there was some hazy sunshine & a temperature of
10°C.Here were the usual Mallards,Canadas,Tufteds & Coots, there was still a couple of Greylags
and we caught sight of a Moorhen. There were also 15 BH Gulls but just one LBB Gull, a couple of
the Coots were looking after chicks.A Rook was making a noise as we walked round it was perched
on a fence post, from here we saw a young bird on the island which was difficult to ID as it looked
straight at us. We then so a second bird from the side showing they were Pied Wagtail youngsters, the
adult flew to the island with some food to confirm our thoughts.In the surrounding fields we saw
Curlew moving around,a pair of Skylarks, one was carrying food,Meadow Pipits & several Lapwings
some with young chicks.Swallows were flying around & a flock of 25 Swift flew in feeding for a while
before moving on.By now the cloud had thickened and there was some light rain which meant it was
home time.



LBB Gull


Coot chick

adult Coot with it's chick

Tufted Ducks

Pied Wagtail chick/juv

easier to ID from the side

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