Sunday, 2 June 2013

Harold Park

Sunday June 2nd a.m.
 Another sunny start to the day with a temperature of 9.5°C at Harold Park on our arrival.
There were over 20 Swifts flying above the park mainly over the lake, there were several
House Martins with them.It was also good to see a Great Crested Grebe with a chick which
was a good size, Coots & Mallards also had chicks. Other birds seen were Canadas,Moorhen
& Tufted Duck.
Gt Crested Grebe with chick

Gt Crested Grebe chick

Gt C. Grebes with Coot on its nest

Mallards with chicks

Coots with chicks on small pond

Two of many Swift

Harold Park pond

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