Sunday, 9 June 2013

Harden Moor

Sunday June 9th a.m.
 A local start this morning with a short run of a mile or so up to Harden Moor with some
mist about & a temperature of 8°C. Soon after getting out of the car two Linnets appeared
one staying long enough on the overhead wire for a couple of snaps.There were still good
numbers of Sand Martin around the quarry with Curlew flying in the distance.Goldfinch were
seen & also a couple of Willow Warblers & the usual Mipits. A couple of Carrion Crows
were making some noise up ahead of us,then we saw a Fox which they seemed to be mobbing.
Our presence meant the fox moved away using the cover of the heather, we next saw it leaping
over some heather 60m away.Then the magical call cuckoo!,cuckoo! was heard & we headed
off in the direction of the call. We spotted the Cuckoo in a tree some distance away managing a
record snap before it flew off.

record snap of Cuckoo

Meadow Pipit

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