Saturday, 15 June 2013

Leeming Reservoir

Saturday June 15th a.m.
 A morning of sunshine & showers during our visit to Leeming Reservoir with a temperature of 10°C.
There was a mixture of Rooks,Jackdaws & Carrion Crow feeding in the field next to the road which
runs parallel to the dam wall.In the corner of the reservoir there were a couple each of Pied & Grey
Wagtails & a Common Sandpiper flew in front of us to the stones under the dam wall. As we walked
along the pathway alongside the reservoir there were a few singing Willow Warblers, one of which flew
into its nest which contained 5 or 6 large chicks.These unusually were clearly visible, so we took a quick snap before moving on, they were ready to fledge we thought. At the top end of the reservoir we caught sight of a Deer, which ran across the field, posing briefly for a snap.A couple of Curlews flew over, an
Oystercatcher did the same & a Pheasant landed on the far shore,all put up by a dog running around with
it's owner in tow.There was also a Grey Heron on the far shore fishing, we stopped under some trees
until a shower past.We then headed back to the car seeing Mallards,Swallows were feeding low over the
water & a flyover of a couple of Canadas, another Pied Wag was on the dam wall.
Willow Warbler

Pied Wagtail

Grey Heron


Willow Warbler chicks

Leeming Reservoir

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