Sunday, 25 August 2013

Denholme Clough

Sunday 25th August a.m.
 We joined fellow BOG members on a walk through Denhomle Clough to Doe Park
Reservoir this morning with cloudy skies & a temperature of 15°C.We were hoping for
passing migrants that use the Clough at this time of year.Conditions though were not good
but still we had a nice walk & saw some good birds on our route.We saw a Grey Wagtail
pass over high above  which was recognised by its call by others, as were passing Mipits.
Swallows & House Martins were feeding around the fields & a couple of Stock Doves
were seen as well as a couple of Roe Deer.We walked along the side of the stream
stopping as a Tit flock passed landing in a nearby tree, a Willow Warbler was spotted with
the Blue,Great & LT Tits.
 As we approached Doe Park Reservoir a Kestrel & Sparrowhawk  were above some trees
in the distance. At the edge of the water there was a Common Sandpiper & a Ringed Plover,
good to see one locally. Also on the water were several Mallards & a Teal a local first for us.
We moved though some fields then climbed up a hill as we came to the top a pair of Ravens
flew passed one of them quite close giving us a good view & we heard its distinctive honking
call.This was the first time we have seen this birds which was a great plus for us.We were
now high above the reservoir and had a good view of the valley, this spot is used for vis mig.
 We headed back towards our starting point seeing a small flock of 9 Mistle Thrushes as we
went back passed the disused railway tunnels.our morning was rounded off well when back
near our starting point a Dipper flew across in front of us.
Denhome Clough

Southern end of Doe Park Reservoir

Doe Park Reservoir, spot for watching Visible Migration


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