Sunday, 11 August 2013

Filey Dams 1

From last week.
 Filey Dams lies at the edge of Filey, it is a Yorkshire Wildlife Trust site with a lake &
surrounding ponds.It has two hides which give some good views of the birds ,sometimes
distant but if your lucky some of them come closer to the hides.
 We visited this site on a few occasions giving some good birds, at this time of year the waders
are just coming through.We started well on our first visit seeing a Dunlin at the edge of the water
in the distance.At the far end of the lake was a Black-tailed Godwit & a Ruff, with  BH Gulls,
Lapwings,Herring Gulls,Mallards & Grey Heron.
 We then moved to the other hide seeing Tree Sparrows along the route & a couple of Mute
Swans on one of the ponds.We settled in the hide opening the shutter & immediately seeing two
Green Sandpipers just in front of the hide,great birds to see so close up.This hide also had a view
of the distant birds seen from the first hide. There were also a couple of female Shovelers among
the Mallards & a Redshank feeding along the edge of the water.
Grey Heron


Black-tailed Godwit



Green Sandpiper & Ruff

Green Sandpiper

Two Green Sandpipers

Green Sandpiper,Moorhen & Ruff

Green Sandpiper

Filey Dams


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  1. Great photos lads, be nice to have that as your local patch.