Saturday, 3 August 2013

Leeshaw Reservoir

Saturday 3rd August a.m.
 A good start to the morning with sunshine & a temperature of 18°C although there was a
strong wind blowing up at Leeshaw on our arrival. Canadas were in the top field with Greylags
spread between surrounding fields & the water. There were well over 100 Lapwings which were
feeding with some Starlings. The two Grey Herons were on patrol on the banking and a couple of
Curlews were at the far side of the reservoir, one briefly landed in the field with the Lapwings giving
a chance of a snap. Oystercatchers were around in good numbers some of which posed well for
some snaps. Swallows were overhead & several Swift were still around before they depart any time
now South.The highlight of the morning though was when we saw a Common Tern flying over the
reservoir doing a couple of laps before landing near some Lapwings & BH Gulls. A first for us at
Leeshaw and although some distance away a pleasure to see this little bird.
35 - Canada
1 - Common Tern
2 - Curlew
2 - Grey Heron
10 - Greylag
160 - Lapwing
8 - Oystercatcher
4 - Pied Wagtail
9 - Swallow
7 - Swift
plus other usual species

Common Tern

Common Tern with Lapwings


Grey Herons

Got a good view of this Oystercatcher

These five Oystercatchers stayed together

Grey Herons with Lapwings overhead

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  1. Great stuff on the Tern, a rare sight this year.
    Some stonking photos there.