Saturday, 31 August 2013

Harden Moor

Saturday 31st August a.m.
 We also paid a visit to Harden Moor after last weeks sucess, thing were different though,
no sign of Sand Martins,fewer Mipits & warblers took some finding.Near a patch of
Blackberries hidden in the cover of a tree a Whitethroat was pecking away at a ripe berry.
There were also a couple of flighty Blackcaps, we sat on a nearby rock in the sunshine hoping
one of them would show long enough for a snap.After a minute or two a Warbler appeared
& we got some snaps but we could not decide which type,probably Willow that seems to be the
most common.Anyway snaps are below  which we've labelled warbler, we found it much easier to
ID the Peacock butterfly.

Peacock Butterfly

Hewenden Viaduct with Soil Hill in the background which keeps sprouting wind turbines.



  1. Great photos lads. The Warblers a Garden Warbler, note the eye ring and the grey collar.

  2. Thanks Brian, from your description I can now see in my book that it's a garden warbler. Still learning this birding but getting there slowly.

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