Saturday, 24 August 2013

Leeshaw Reservoir

Saturday 24th August a.m.
 After heavy over night rain which continued early morning it looked like no birding for us
this morning.However the rain stopped so we jumped into the car & went off to Leeshaw
hoping something might have dropped in. There was still fog on the tops of the surrounding
hills but we had reasonable visibility with grey sky & a temperature of 14°C.On the approach
road there was a flock of c100 Starlings & 10 Mipits.At the reservoir there were c50 Lapwings
on the dam banking stones & 5 Curlew were bathing on the edge of the water.Also here were 3
Oystercatchers & a Common Sandpiper flew to the edge of the water all of which were noisy.
Swallows were over the water & a flock of c30 Mipits landed briefly on the dam wall.Also good
to see a Little Owl, not a good morning for taking snaps but we did get a few record shots before
the rain returned.
Little Owl

Curlew & Lapwing



Lapwings under the dam wall

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