Saturday, 10 August 2013


Saturday 10th August a.m.
 A cloudy morning with a temperature of 11.5°C, the first birds we saw were c30 Swallows
on the overhead wires.The surrounding fields were full of Lapwings,Carrion Crows & Jackdaws,
with Greylags & Canadas in the top field, some of these later moved to the water.A Grey Heron
flew from the top end  of the reservoir & there were a couple of Curlew on the far shoreline.Above
us were a mixture of Swallows,Sand Martins ,House Martins & a couple of Swift.
  We moved from here & headed up the road towards Penniston Hill making use of a small car
park & taking the public footpath which was sign posted to Bronte Waterfalls.There were plenty
Meadow Pipits in the fields & some on the overhead wires.Also on the wire was a different bird
with a yellowish colouring,we thought possibly a Yellowhammer but we were not quick enough to
get a snap so will have to let that one go.We did get a snap of one of two Reed Buntings in a nearby
tree. Further along the track as we approached Drop Farm we saw a Kestrel hunting over the moor,
then a second was on a wall to our left, this then took off & landed on top of a girder supporting some
overhead wires.The path then split & we headed for Oxenhope Stoop, this led us back towards
Leeshaw Reservoir & gave us a view from the opposite side to where we usually are.After a fairly
long walk we also got a view of the top end of the reservoir, a farmer walked among his sheep which
put three Snipe up which circled round before heading to ground some distance away.Three Curlew
came off the more & headed towards the reservoir.We also got a distant view of three Oystercatchers
before setting off back along the path. Further along a dog moved towards some sheep who moved
into the heather causing nine Red Grouse to take flight.

Reed Bunting


Leeshaw Reservoir

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