Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Harewood Exotics 2

Harewood House visit on Saturday 1st October
Some more birds from the bird garden at Harewood which were great to see on the
day and good to look back at the pictures, hope you enjoy them too.
The Crested Crane lives in the African grassland and eats fish,reptiles,amphibians,
seeds and tubers.
The Eagle Owl is from mainland Europe and Asia, it likes undisturbed wilderness habitats,
from rocky country to ravines and patches of woodland. Eats mostly mammals, such as
Voles,Hares,Rats and Rabbits.Will also eat birds,amphibians,reptiles,fish and invertebrates.
 The Snowy Owl lives in the Arctic Tundra,north of the tree, feeds mainly on Lemmings
and Arctic Hares, but can also take squirrels,ducks and game birds.
 The Hill Mynah lives in India,China and Indonesia in the canopy of tropical forest. They
eat fruit and insects. They can mimic the human voice and so have become pets.
 The Himalayan Monal lives in the Indian and China border region in open pine forests
with steep valleys. Eats seeds,roots,berries and insects, it is the national bird of Napal.
 Waldrapp Ibis is found only in Morocco, it inhabits mountain meadows,rocky semi-arid
areas and high plateaus,always close to water.Eats Grasshoppers and other insects.
 Fulvous Tree Duck lives in African grasslands in marshy habitats and swaps it eats
Crested Crane

Eagle Owl

Snowy Owl

Snowy Owl

Hill Mynah

Himalayan Monal

Waldrapp Ibris

Fulvous Tree Duck


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