Saturday, 15 October 2011

Reservoir Tour

Saturday 15th October a.m.
 This morning started off sunny with some pockets of mist about,it was cold just
2°C when we set off and there had been a ground frost in places. Our first visit
was to Doe Park Reservoir where there was still some mist, the water had a few
Mallards and c25 Gulls mainly Black Headed.We did get a fly over of two
Cormorants which was good to see.

Doe Park Reservoir,Denholme


From here we went to Cold Edge Dams where it was bright and sunny there were
Canadas,Greylags and a couple of hen Pheasants in the field near the pond. On the
upper Dam ther was nothing the lower Dam however was much better with c25 -
Mallards,20 - BH Gulls,5 - Canadas, 1 - Greylag and 3 - Lapwings We also
spotted a Grouse in the distance.

Canadas and Pheasant

Cold Edge Dams

We moved on to Fly Flatts from here where the temperature had risen up to 6°C
and there was good visibility, there seemed to be no birds on the water at the boat
house end of the reservoir so I decided not to walk down and have a closer look.
At the other end of the reservoir we stopped off in the car and could see there were
20 Gulls and 15 Canadas.


Fly Flatts

From here we moved on to Leeshaw Reservoir again bright sunshine, we spotted two
Cormorants on the tower and one took a dip in the water while we were there before
returning to the tower where they both seemed to be enjoying the sunshine. We also
saw Mallards,Canadas,Meadow Pipits and Pied Wagtails.


Cormorant on the tower

Both Cormorants on the tower

Meadow Pipit

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