Sunday, 30 October 2011


Sunday 30th October a.m.
 We arrived at Marshside RSPB Reserve on the West coast near Southport early this
morning, it was fine and the temperature was 10°C. There was plenty of birds to see,
these were mainly wildfowl and waders. The ducks we saw were Mallards,Pintail,Wigeon,
Teal,Shoveler and Goldeneye. The main wader we saw was the Black-tailed Godwit, c100,
I was also shown Snipe by some fellow birder who let me look through their scope,they also
showed me the Goldeneye which was some distance away. There was a flock of several
hundred Starlings which put on a show every time they took to the sky. We also saw some
Geese fly past in the distance,our best guess was Pink-footed.
 After a short stay here we moved inland to Martin Mere where we spent the rest of the day,
and as usual we took far too many pics, so that will have to wait for another day.


Pintail and Wigeon

Shoveler and Wigeon

Black-tailed Godwit

Geese fly over

Marshside Ducks

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