Saturday, 22 October 2011

Ogden Reservoir

Saturday 22nd October a.m.
 Today started off dull and overcast with a temperature of 7°C as we started to walk
round Ogden reservoir. The first bird we saw was a Grey Heron on the far side of the
reservoir,there also appeared a couple of Wrens briefly in the shrubs alongside the path,
and a Robin perched in a tree.There were Mallards and BH Gulls on the water and we
saw a Kestrel being harassed by a Crow. We went into the woodland and up the hill
towards the Giants Tooth,it was very quiet here, as we came to the top of the hill we
emerged from the woodland onto the moor. Again very quiet, we did get a Cormorant
fly over, but otherwise just enjoyed the views across Halifax,Soil Hill and Queensbury as
we paused at the Giants Tooth. We made our way back through the woodland, again
very quiet, down to the reservoir. As we continued round there was a feeding party of
about 30 birds including Great,Blue,Long-tailed Tits and Chaffinch. As we came
round to the dam end we spotted a Cormorant on a Buoy in the water where it
stayed opening its wings and enjoying the sun which was now stating to break through.
There were plenty Mallards and BH Gulls in the feeding area, they were joined by a
couple of Crows and we spotted a Bullfinch near the garden area.
c120 - Mallards
c50 - BH Gulls
c25 - Tits Great,Blue,Long-tailed
5 - Chaffinch
4 - Robin
2 - Wren
2 - Cormorant
1 - Grey Heron
1 - Kestrel
1 - Bullfinch
plus Crows and others



BH Gulls


Long-tailed Tits

Good views from Giants Tooth with Soil Hill and Queensbury in the back ground


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