Sunday, 2 October 2011

Harewood Exotics 1

Harewood Visit on Saturday 1st October
  As I walked round the Bird Garden at Harewood House I took a  lot of
pictures here are some I have sorted out of some wonderful birds from around the
  The White Crowned Robin Chat lives in Savanna Woodlands of North West
Africa and eats insects. The White Stork lives in open areas often wetlands,steppe
and savannahs. It eats invertebrates also frogs,reptiles and small mammals. The
Superb Starling lives in East Africa in open acasia grassland,eats white ants and
termites. Hawaiian Geese live in the islands of Hawaii,nesting between lumps of
larva eating leaves and berries. The Red Crested Touraco inhabits evergreen forest
in Eastern Africa eating seeds,fruit and berries. Ross's Snow Geese live in lowland
tundra and grassland mainly in North America eating various grasses,roots and tubers.

White Crowned Robin Chat

White Stork

Superb Starling

Hawaiian Goose

Red Crested Touraco

Ross's Snow Goose

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