Saturday, 8 October 2011

Redcar Tarn

Saturday 8th October a.m.
 After our earlier visit to the Keighley Nature Reserve we decided to go up to
Keighley Tarn to have another look at the Golden Plover. It was still dull, the
temperature just 8°C and soon it started to rain. We just had time to see the seven
Goosanders were still present, the Lapwing flock was numbering c150 and the
Golden Plover we counted at 15(corrected to zero). They were still at the far side
of the field albeit a different one to yesterday. We took some snaps but still poor at
the distance we were away and the dull light. May be we'll see them better another day.
Goosander 1

Goosander 2

Goosander 3

Lapwing and Golden Plover


  1. Your Golden Plovers are Starlings and may be a thrush or two.

  2. Oh sugar we got that one wrong! Thanks for letting
    us know Brian.

  3. Dont worry about that, you,re doing marvellous.