Friday, 7 October 2011

Redcar Tarn

Friday 7th October p.m.
Today has been a bright and sunny day although there was a cold wind blowing
and so the temperature was only around 12°C. Up at the Tarn this evening were
the usual birds we see here, the Muscovy Ducks are still here. The Tufted Ducks
have returned, Lapwings were in a nearby field and we saw Goosanders here for
the first time.With the Lapwings in the field at first we saw some Starlings feeding
with them, but on closer inspection we believe they are Golden Plover their black
and white speckled back looks similar to a Starlings in the sunlight at distance.
On the way home we saw a Kestrel hovering over a field looking for
its supper in the fading light.
c100 - Mallard
c50 - Lapwing
c30 - BH Gull
c25 - Coot
12 - Canadas
11 - Golden Plover(corrected to Zero)
10 - Tufted Duck
10 - Pied Wagtail
7 - Goosander
5 - Moorhen
3 - LBB Gull
3 - Muscovy Duck
plus other common geese and hybrid Ducks.
Black Headed Gull

Tufted Duck


Golden Plover? and Lapwing

Redcar Tarn, Keighley

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