Monday, 12 March 2012

Elland Gravel Pits

Monday 12th March p.m.
 A bright sunny afternoon with a temperature of 12°C and so a quick visit to EGP where
there was a good selection of birds on show. By the canal we saw Canadas,Mallards,
Treecreeper and Grey Herons.We walked round to the bird feeders where we saw several
Lesser Redpoll for the first time. This great addition to the area was also being enjoyed by
Blue Tits,Bullfinch,Blackbird,Great Tits,LT Tits and a Robin.
male Bullfinch

Lesser Redpoll 1

Lesser Redpoll 2

Lesser Redpoll 3

Long-tailed Tit 

Lesser Redpoll Collage

Lesser Redpoll enjoying the food

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