Sunday, 18 March 2012

Lister Park,Bradford

Sunday 18th March a.m.
  Today we went to Lister Park in Bradford where it was cloudy with sunny intervals and had
a temperature of 5°C.First we went to the pond where there were Canadas,BH Gulls,Coots,
Mallards,Moorhen,Tufted Duck and Feral Pigeons.We also saw a Greylag here for the first
time and there was a female Goosander.
  From here we walked to the wooded area where there were some dwaf Daffodils in full flower
which looked great. In this area we saw Blackbirds,Blue Tits,Chaffinch,Crow,Dunnock,Robin
and Magpie.We also saw two Great Spotted Woodpecker for the first time here, I always enjoy
watching these birds. Walking back down to the pond we saw two large Gulls on the water which
as we got closer we could see were Lesser Black Backed Gulls another first for us at this location.
Tufted Duck 1

Tufted Duck 2

Tufted Duck 3






GSW Collage

Miniture Daffs in full flower

Lister Park,Bradford 1

Lister Park,Bradford 2

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