Friday, 9 March 2012

Redcar Tarn and St.Ives

Friday 9th March p.m.
 Not a good day at Redcar Tarn with a strong wind blowing the rain and a temperature of 8.5°C.
This meant it was just a brief look round and a quick count of the birds.
c150 - BH Gulls on the water and in surrounding fields
c 75 - Mallards
9 - Canadas keeping their heads down in a nearby field
15 - Coot
10 - Common Gull
1 - Greylag
1 - Moorhen
2 - Muscovy Ducks
1 - Pied Wagtail
10 - Tufted Ducks
plus others
 From here we went to St.Ives where the rain had stopped and there was more shelter from
the wind. The feeding area has been opened up to let more light in and give a better chance to
get some decent snaps of the birds. Of course there were plenty Grey Squirrels eating the bird
food as well, from the hide we saw some good birds including Great Spotted Woodpecker,
Nuthatch,LT Tits,Great Tits,Coal Tits,Dunnock and Chaffinch. We then walked round the Coppice
Pond seeing Canadas,Mallards,Coots,BH Gulls and Moorhen. In the trees were a pair of Blue Tits
and also a few Blackbirds and Wrens flitting about and as we completed our walk round we saw a
pair of Treecreepers which came very close to us and so we got a great view of them and a couple
of snaps.


Treecreeper 1

Treecreeper 2

Treecreeper 3

Nuthatch 1

Nuthatch 2


Grey Squirrel


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