Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Ogden Reservoir

Tuesday 13th March p.m.
  Got exited this afternoon on seeing the report on Calderbirds that there were Whooper Swans
at Ogden after not seeing them at Elland yesterday.So after a quick tea off we rushed to Ogden
but after walking round there was no sign of them, I now lean that it was only a fleeting visit and
they were gone early this afternoon, that's birding for you.
  Still all was not lost as there were plenty other birds about, I was pleased to finally catch up with
the pair of Goldeneye, and there were still some Goosanders. I saw yet another Treecreeper,Wren,
Canadas,Mallards,Moorhen,Robin,Great Tits and played hide and seek with some LT Tits.
male Goldeneye

female Goldeneye

male Goldeneye 2

male Goldeneye 3

Goldeneye off into the sunset


LT Tit

Goldeneye & Canada

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