Thursday, 29 March 2012

Harden Moor & Trough Lane

Thursday 29th March a.m.
 Only quick visits today, another sunny day with early temperature up at 9°C and later
14°C and rising. Not been up to Harden Moor for a while but saw some good birds
including Chaffinch,Linnet,Mistle Thrush,Robin and Wren.
 A walk on Trough Lane to see if any Wheatear yet but to no avail but did see Kestrel,
Curlew,Lapwing,Meadow Pipit and Pheasant.One bird I saw I thought might be a
Skylark as it went up into the air hovered and then dropped back down, I've not recognized
Skylark before, may have been another Meadow Pipit. Will put a snap on when I've sorted
it out.



Meadow Pipit

I think this is a Meadow Pipit not Skylark


Pheasant 1

Pheasant 2

Linnet Collage


  1. I've seen more Linnets than usual this year way over here in Leeds at Harewood, Rodley, and Kirkstall Nature Reserve, Linda

  2. I remember seeing a large flock of Linnets on my last visit to Rodley NR but I
    don't often see them locally so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw them on Harden Moor.