Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Local Walk

Wednesday March 28th a.m
  My dad was making the most of the good weather again taking the dog for a long walk
through Cullingworth then along the Northern Trail across Hewenden Viaduct and past the
Reservoir  to Hewenden Bridge.From here he went through the woods and then up to Bents
Lane back down to Hallas Bridge then through Goitstock Wood and headed for Bingley
Road then home.He says both he and the dog were ready for a drink when they got home,
along the way he listed the species he saw and took some snaps. He was pleased to see
Chiffchaff singing locally and was able to get a snap of one of them, he gave me a list of 30
species some of which I've listed below.
15 - Canadas
3 - Chiffchaff
1 - Cormorant
2 - Great Spotted Woodpecker
5 - Grey Heron
1 - Little Owl
1 - Moorhen
1 - Mute Swan
1 - Nuthatch
2 - male Pheasant
1 - Song Thrush
2 - Treecreeper
5 - Wren
Pheasant 1

Pheasant 2

Little Owl

Great Tit



Chiffchaff collage as it sings in the tree top 

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