Saturday, 7 January 2012

Dowley Gap, Bingley

Saturday 7th January a.m.
 With an errand to run in Bingley the chance came for  a bit more birding
at Dowley Gap in Bingley. The temperature now up to 7.5°C and the sun
shining there was only 10 mallards on the canal so looking in the fields
above the canal we could see 20 Greylag Geese and a couple of Squirrels.
The hedge rows had birds in them as well flying about including a Jay,Blackbird
and a couple of Chaffinch but the stars of the show for us were several
Redwings which we were seeing for the first time hence quite a few snaps.
Greylag Geese

Redwing 1

Redwing 2

Redwing 3


Grey Squirrel

Jay,Squirrel,Chaffinch and Blackbird

Greylags at Dowley Gap

Redwing Collage

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