Saturday, 28 January 2012

Harold Park, Bradford

Saturday January 28th a.m.
 A short distance from Wibsey Park is Harold Park which was our next
place to visit, here the sun was shining and the temperature was up to 1°C.
Here again was the usual waterfowl, which included a Mute Swan, there
were also BH Gulls,Magpies and Carrion Crows. There was still some ice
round the edges of the lake in the park and we were able to get a snap of a
Carrion crow having a drink were there was some broken ice. It is still early
in the year but a Coot was already making a nest from large twigs and Moorhens
were having a close look at it.
c100 - BH Gull
c60 - Mallards
30 - Canadas
20 - Coots
15 - Moorhen
8 - Tufted Duck
8 - Carrion Crow
4 - Magpie
1 - Mute Swan
Mallard 1

Mallard 2

Carrion Crow 

Canada Goose

Coot nest building

Moorhens checking Coots nest

Mute Swan 1

Mute Swan 2

Harold Park Birds 1

Harold Park Birds 2

Harold Park


  1. Sounds like the Black Swan has moved on again then

  2. We didn't spot it this morning so it has probably moved on.

  3. I lived in this vicinity up until 1975 and used to visit here and nearby Royds Hall Dam regularly. Believe me, despite the so called species decline, there was never this much variety back then.
    There was one brilliant moment for me at age 14/15 - my second only Dunlin at Royds Hall in Spring.

  4. Glad we brought back some happy memories there Nigel and always good to hear people are enjoying looking at the birds we see.
    We'll have to put Royds Hall Dam on our list of places to visit.