Saturday, 28 January 2012

Dowley Gap,Bingley

Saturday 28th January a.m.
 Another trip to this good birding spot with the sun shining and a temperature
of 2°C when we arrived. There were good numbers of Greylag Geese in the
field behind the canal and we spotted our first Grey Wagtail next to the canal
with some Long-tailed Tits in a nearby tree. There were BH Gulls around the
sewage works and Mallards on the canal and the River Aire. There were 2 male
and 1 female Goosander on the river with more Grey Wagtails and a couple of
Robins. There were a lot of Woodpigeons in the field with what looked like
Cabbages growing. On the way back there were more Grey Wagtails and on
the opposite bank an American Mink was bounding along. Not sure about
seeing this top predator which is not native to Britain but will certainly eat plenty
of the local wildlife. Back on the canal we saw another Grey Wagtail and in the
field behind a small group of Redwing.
c50 - BH Gull
45 - Greylag Geese
45 - Woodpigeon
20 - Mallard
8 - Carrion Crow
8 - Redwing
6 - LT Tits
6 - Grey Wagtail
3 - Goosander
2 - Robin
1 - American Mink
Grey Wagtail



American Mink and Mallard

American Mink, watch out its behind you Mr Mallard!

Greylag Geese

LT Tit,Robin,male Goosander and Grey Wagtail

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