Friday, 6 January 2012

Redcar Tarn

Friday 6th January p.m.
 Our first visit of the year to Redcar Tarn, high above Keighley, where there was a
strong wind blowing making it feel colder than the temperature of 7°C, we also got
the sun occasionally on this dull afternoon. There were good numbers of Mallards,
Gulls and Coots with Tufted Ducks, Canadas and Moorhens. There were two female
Goosanders and the smaller Lapwing flock was in a nearby field with Starlings.
c150 - Mallards
c150 - BH Gull
c70 - Lapwing
c50 - Starlings
25 - Coot
12 - Tufted Duck
11 - Canadas
10 - Common Gull
3 - Muscovy Ducks
2 - Moorhen
2 - Goosander
2 - LBB Gull
1 - Pied Wagtail
plus other common Geese and Hybrid Ducks.
Female Goosander 1

Female Goosander 2

Female Tufted Duck

Male Tufted Duck

Canada Goose

Common Gull


BH Gulls

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