Saturday, 21 January 2012

Dowley Gap,Bingley

Saturday 21st January a.m.
  Still a blustery wind blowing here but more shelter, the temperature still
at 6°C and the odd light shower with sunny intervals. There were 30 Greylag
Geese on the canal and in the field behind, we walked along the canal, seeing
Mallards on the water, up to the aqueduct which takes the canal across the River
Aire. At this point we took the path alongside the river, and soon spotted a
Kingfisher fly away from us and going into the undergrowth along the river bank.
There were more Mallards on the river and we saw a Grey Wagtail at the side of
the river which we were able to get some snaps of. It moved into some small pools
on the other side of the path where we could watch it for a while. A feeding party of
Siskin were in the trees above the path, and we also saw some Long Tailed Tits. Also
on the river were a male and female Goosander, in a field on our left there was a crop
of what looked like cabbage from where around 45 Woodpigeons took flight some
going into nearby trees. Behind the boat house there were some Redwings in the tree
and feeding in the field behind. When we got back to the canal we spotted another
male and female Goosander among the Mallards.
Grey Wagtail 1

Grey Wagtail 2

Greylags with an odd Hybrid

Greylag Goose



Goosanders on the River

Goosanders on the canal 1

Goosanders on the canal 2


Grey Wagtail collage


  1. Dowley Gap never fails to produce good birds.
    You did well to get pics of the Goosander, they usually fly as soon as you get within distance.
    Your year list must be shooting up now.

  2. Yes Dowley Gap is a good spot and our list is growing, would like
    some better weather though, not looking good for tomorrow.