Sunday, 15 January 2012

Hallas Bridge and Goitstock Woods

Sun 15th January a.m.
  What a contrast from yesterday as I woke up to thick fog, another sharp
frost with the temperature a cold -4°C. So with our original plans put on hold
we set off taking the dog for a walk with the hope of some good scenery
pictures. There were a few birds about namely Crows,Magpies and Blackbirds
and a pair of Mallards on Hallas Beck.We walked down to the waterfall to take a
snap then headed back upstream. Then a bonus a Dipper appeared in front of us
as we got the camera out it moved further away, so only a poor blurred distant snap.
Moving on we took some snaps of Hallas Beck as we went along crossing the bridge
and up the hill.As we came out of the woods we saw a Blue Tit and then another bonus
as three Wrens popped up,too quick for the camera but another new year tick. Then
nearby we spotted a Robin and as we walked back home we saw Collard Doves,
Starlings and a Woodpigeon.So in the end not too bad a morning.
Approach to Goitstock Woods from Hallas Lane

View from Hallas Lane

Hallas Beck through Goitstock Woods

Frozen Pond


Poor distant shot of Dipper

Hallas Beck Bridge 1

Hallas Beck Bridge 2

Blue Tit,Robin and Collard Doves

Hallas Beck


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