Sunday, 15 January 2012

Yeadon Tarn

Sunday 15th January p.m.
  As the sun began to appear this afternoon we decided to go to Yeadon Tarn which
we put off this morning with the fog locally.When we got to Yeadon it was sunny with
a temperature of 1.5°C and very busy with people out for an afternoon stroll. The
usual birds were present in good numbers with Pochard, BH Gull and Tufted Duck
showing well. When we got to the far side of the Tarn people were feeding the Ducks,
Canadas and BH Gulls and in among we spotted a male Goldeneye giving close views
and the chance of some good snaps of this handsome bird.
male Goldeneye 1

Goldeneye 2

Goldeneye 3

male Pochard

male Tufted Duck

Moorhen on the ice

BH Gulls

Yeadon Tarn 1

Yeadon Tarn 2


  1. Spot on Pochard and Tufted photos - good job

  2. Nice to see a report on the Tarn, an excellent start to a walk up to the Chevin. I wonder if the Goldeneye is the same bird reported Thursday am on Golden Acre Park main pond.